King Ferdinand
Born 1861 Died 1948

Crowned in the Bulgarian old capital Veliko Tarnovo, Ferdinand I is a Bulgarian leader for 31 years - like royal prince, from August 1887 to September 1908 and like a king from the beginning of the Bulgarian independence till October 1918.
Seen on the photo - the Royal prince Ferdinand with one of his Mercedes automobiles in 1906.

King Boris III
Born 1894 Died 1943

King Boris III is a Bulgarian leader from October 1918 till August 1943. Son of king Ferdinand who started doing his obligations at age 24 after the abdication of his father.
On the first photo King Boris III, at a meet with government members. Behind you can see a Packard from the king's garage.
The second picture is taken in the yard of the Military Academy. Please note one of the 4 Mercedes cars that belong to the royal family.

Prince Kiril
Born 1895 Died 1945

Prince Kiril is son of King Ferdinand and brother of King Boris III. He started leading the country after the death of his brother. He is the biggest car fan from the royal family. Convicted and killed from the so called "Peoples judge". His grave is unknown.
The first and the second picture are taken in the fall of 1943, in front of the national theatre. On both pictures you can see the royal Packard.
The last picture is from the spring of 1944. Prince Kiril is greeting soldiers in one of the royal Mercedes automobiles.


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