...Tradition and future!
Authorized movie of Nikolai Koruderliev

Editor: Radoslava Stoyanova
Consultant: Margarit Karaburov
Realization: Producent house "Megic Music"

Format: Betacam SP
Time: 29 min.
Presentation: December 2000

The movie presents the activity of the Bulgarian automobile club "RETRO", the development and the directions of its activities. It is suitable for the general spectator as well as for the antique cars enthusiasts. The main subject provides interesting and useful information for: the first cars appeared in Bulgaria, the first automotive events, old cars meetings, foundation of BAK "RETRO" and its activity; interesting cars; restoration etc. The duration of the movie preparation is from June till September 2000. Four national meetings are captured, three interviews and others objects related with the main subject. There are unique records of restoration in the movie as well as one of the cars of King Ferdinand - Mercedes from 1905.


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