...Wow the American beauties!

This is how most of the American car fans would exclaim. Sadly there is not any club of the American car fans here. A big part of the fans are not serious enough for creating such kind of organization.
...this is not such a big problem anyway! The main problem is the bad mechanical condition of the older models in Bulgaria. The lack of money and the Bulgarian genius affected these cars most seriously. The long distance between Bulgaria and America is another important reason!
During the 80s, the American car fans in Bulgaria are happy. Plenty of these cars were imported. The gas was cheaper, the customs duties and government taxes were lower. The American dream is not the only reason. Another one is that Bulgaria is a neighbor of Turkey. Many cars were imported, but NO parts! Here is the problem: the owners modified the construction of many cars - replaced the engines, transmissions, taillights, headlights, bumpers and even the suspension of the cars with socialist built ones. Another problem were the tiny Bulgarian streets and the poor fuel economy of the big American engines. In spite of all this there are still approximately about 250 American cars built before 1965 in various condition.

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